Experience partner

DAE-logoDigital Arts & Entertainment was born in September 2006. The DAE curriculum is the result of several years of research in Belgium and abroad. The game business is experiencing a massive growth all over the world. The rapid expansion of this very specific and highly technological field is accompanied by a rising call for properly trained people. Many educational curricula couldn’t keep up with the speed and demands of this industry.

Event partner

We are cloudsClouds is a Creative event agency that wants to organize events the other way, taking into account the global Corporate Communication and the Long term strategy of each client. With a huge amount of healthy Ownership Clouds wants to Organise the sky for its clients. Clouds wants to Unfold dreams in an Upstream way and strives to achieve Uncontested and Unique events each time. Clouds believes that Unconditional Dedication is the only way to client Satisfaction and Success.

Learning partners

BedrijfsopleidingenBedrijfsopleidingen.be is een mediair op de Belgische B2B opleidingsmarkt. De organisatie brengt oplossingen over leren, ontwikkelen en continue inzetbaarheid van mensen in kaart. Bedrijfsopleidingen.be verwerft, verbetert, borgt en verdeelt die kennis op duurzame wijze via ‘netwerkleren’ in een voortdurende samenwerking met klanten en partners. Bedrijfsopleidingen.be wil bovendien de belangrijkste mediair in leeroplossingen in Vlaanderen blijven en dit in 2020 in gans België zijn.

VOV lerend netwerk is de grootste onafhankelijke HR-vereniging voor professionals die bezig zijn met leren en talentontwikkeling van mensen en in organisaties. In 2016 blaast VOV 45 kaarsjes uit en dat zal gans het jaar door gevierd worden in de VOV-pitstops, VOV-lunch & learns, VOV-masterclasses en vele lerende netwerken waar VOV-leden leren van, met en door elkaar.

EAPRIL stands for the European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning, in education and professional practice. EAPRIL’s mission is to bridge practice and research in lifelong learning (educational and professional). By organising interactive activities through thematic Cloud communities as well via the annual EAPRIL conference, EAPRIL aims to offer a platform for practitioners and researchers to interact, collaborate and share knowledge and, as a result, enhance practice. A special programme on Corporate Learning was launched. Common research projects in cooperation with universities and companies are set up, well as transformation labs where practitioners and researchers collaborate on new approaches to improve corporate learning. More information can be found on www.eapril.org