Connie Malamed (USA)

The eLearning Coach

I’m Connie Malamed and I’m a learning experience design consultant. My graduate degree is in Instructional Design & Technology and as an undergrad I studied art education. I have many years of experience in the trenches and I still love this field! The eLearning Coach is where I share actionable strategies, practical content, product reviews and resources to help you design, develop and understand learning, instructional design and visual design. I love making products for learning professionals. You can read about them below.

Please check out my books if you’d like to improve your visual design skills for instructional materials. The most current title is Visual Design Solutions. This was written to bring greater awareness of visual design and to improve the design skills of learning professionals. My other book, Visual Language for Designers, explains how to design for the human mind—something that’s very important in eLearning. Plus it includes over 250 graphics contributed by designers, illustrators, infographic artists and other creative people from around the world.