Sarah Cherif (BE)

Founder @ CUTESolutions - The Habit Company

Dedicated to helping others closing the knowing-doing gap with habit training and coaching.

@CUTESolutions We are dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations develop keystone habits that will help them achieve their dreams and mission. Together with my great team, we are part of inspirational change every single day. Driven by CUTESolutions’ core value: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

@CUTESolutions we are your partner for bite-sized training solutions that result in sustainable habits for creating productive, happy and agile workers. We translate your training needs into successful blended learning tracks. Unleash management and people skills, challenge ideas and disrupt processes; use habits to make this happen. Our passionate habit coaches and colleagues design workshops and trainings developed to change people habits.

Training Programs with Real Impact – Cultural Change Support – Create Habit Ambassadors .

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