Cloud Ninjas

cloudninjas-logoCloud Ninjas gets everyone across your entire enterprise on board— fast. Transitioning to the cloud requires careful change management and training efforts, if you want integration and adoption to be successful. 

That’s why we’ve developed an engaging platform that optimises training for cloud software and business processes. We measure adoption rates and adapt trainings in real-time to individual profiles. With regular updates and incentives, users are kept interested and current.


IntuoYou already know which skills your business needs. But how well are your employees using them? And are they taking charge of their own education? Intuo is a straightforward learning management system that enables you to improve performance through training, tracking and reporting tools.

Most organizations use conventional training to improve their human capacity. But the impact of traditional courses is hard to measure. With our clean and easy-to-use learning platform, your employees make quick progress and are able to learn skills. Fast learning, smart education.


KFlowbisKnowledge is the most important asset in any modern organisation. But collecting and sharing knowledge is a complex challenge. KnowledgeFlow offers a flexible solution that makes it easy to capture, share and learn key knowledge in a well-structured way. Share and consult organisational knowledge on desktop and mobile devices.

Make learning more effective, playful and continous through a smart & mobile eLearning module.



Our mission at OJOO is to turn the world into one big playground. We want to give you an easy, intuitive and affordable tool to create, play, share and sell interactive indoor and outdoor games, guides, maps, apps and quizzes. The possibilities for entertainment, (city) marketing, tourism and education are literally endless.

OJOO consists of an app to play games and a Design Studio to create games. And the cool thing is, you can use our OJOO Design Studio without any technical skills or knowledge!