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Executive Vice President & Executive Director @ The eLearning Guild

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The eLearning Coach

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8u40 - 9u30
Welkom en onthaal

Onthaal en welkom bij een warme kop koffie, wat versnaperingen en een informele babbel.

Mathias Vermeulen

Did you know that you can improve your visual design skills even if you are not an artist? If you feel challenged when it comes to visual design or if you want to bring your skills to the next level, then join us for a full day of hands-on visual design practice. Because eLearning and training slides are visual mediums, their design has an impact on learning and motivation.

This full-day course explores the components of visual design (graphic space, images, and typography) and the foundation principles of graphic design. Using PowerPoint as your graphic editor, you will practice by applying design principles to eLearning, information graphics and training or presentation slides. You will also consider ways to optimize graphics to promote learning. You will leave this workshop able to design with intention, rather than making random or haphazard design choices. Please be sure to bring a laptop with PowerPoint.

In this session you will learn…
-> How to make intentional design choices that make your visuals appealing and effective
-> How to create effective designs through layout, imagery, and typography
-> The foundation principles of visual design that have the most impact
-> How to transform bullet points into visuals
-> How to explain the rationale behind your design choices
-> How to analyze visual designs to recognize strengths and areas for improvement

Participants also receive Connie’s latest book: Visual Design Solutions: Principles and Creative Inspiration for Learning Professionals

Connie Malamed
8u40 - 9u20
Onthaal en welkom

Onthaal en welkom bij een warme kop koffie, wat versnaperingen en een informele babbel.

Korte inleiding, toelichting bij programma en officiële aftrap van de conferentie.

Mathias Vermeulen

Content curation is rapidly becoming an essential skill for learning professionals, but many have yet to take the step of putting it into practice. This session will arm you with an understanding of how curation helps both you and your organization, along with the tools and techniques you’ll need to craft your own personalized curation system. It’s time to make curation a central part of your digital learning toolkit.

In this session, you will learn how using curation helps you move beyond the traditional packaging and delivery of content to provide better, more effective and more efficient solutions for learners and stakeholders. You’ll also find out how to create a solid content curation strategy, and explore tools and techniques you can use to build a powerful, efficient curation workflow that is customized to your needs and preferences.

Mike Taylor

Lunchbuffet en tijd voor een informele babbel met L&D-collega’s

17u - ...
10u35 - 11u20
AI and analytics post GDPR

How do companies/organizations deal with collecting data and still be able to use them for Learning and Development post-GDPR.

Danny De Witte

Door in te zetten op leren en ontwikkelen van de medewerker, voelen ze zich bekwaam in wat ze doen, krijgen ze het gevoel dat ze vooruitgang maken en worden ze gestimuleerd om de volgende stap te zetten. Dit resulteert in een gelukkige medewerker, wat dan weer zorgt voor betere productiviteit. Allemaal goed en wel, maar hoe begin je aan dit verhaal? Aan de hand van een aantal eenvoudige focuspunten met praktijkvoorbeelden, word je geïnspireerd om naar de leervisie te kijken en actie te ondernemen.

Laure Van Meenen
10u35 - 11u20
Cross-cultural learning experience design

When setting a goal to deliver a valuable digital learning experience to learners in different countries who speak different languages and have extremely varied backgrounds, there are many challenges that a learning experience designer will encounter. I would like to share what I have learned when developing cross-cultural e-learning content and discuss the specifics of working on such projects.

Marta Sukhno
14u20 - 15u05
15u15 - 16u
10u35 - 11u20
14u20 - 15u05
15u15 - 16u00

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